2018 Australasian Rescue Challenge

2018 Australasian Rescue Challenge

The VICSES South West Rescue Team will be competing in the 2018 Australasian Rescue Challenge (ARC18), held by the Australasian Road Rescue Organisation (ARRO) on 26 July at Lardner Park

This year’s challenge will see 18 teams compete across a range of rescue events, including vehicle extrication and trauma challenges.

The VICSES team is made up of members from South Barwon and Corio Units, consisting of Team Leader Caroline Taylor, Medic Tamieka O’Toole and the Technical Team of Joshua Hutton, Lisa Keys, Andrew Welshe and Brendan Marretta.  

The team are looking forward to further developing their road rescue skills, and hope to take away new techniques and learnings to share with their own unit members. 

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