330 years combined service recognised at Warragul

330 years combined service recognised at Warragul

22/07/2021, 4:08 PM

Some of our longest-serving VICSES Warragul volunteers were presented with National Medals earlier this month.

This special medal is awarded to those who have spent at least 15 years putting themselves at risk in the service of the community, with clasps recognising every additional 10 years of service.

The ceremony also acknowledge the support provided by their families at a function on Saturday 10 July at Warragul Country Club.

National Medals were presented to David Richards and Findlay (Rex) Skinner, along with first clasps to Cath Wood, David Sparks, John McLennan, Kenneth Allan and Peter Wood. Amanda Allan and Linda Bayley received their National Medals and first clasps in the same presentation and Robert Vermay received his first and second clasp.

Together, the awards represent an incredible 150 years of combined service.

Several VICSES Service Awards were also presented on the evening, with an amazing 30 years achieved by Cath Wood, and 25-year awards presented to Rex Skinner, Linda Bayley, Kenneth Allan and John McLennan.

A 20-year award was presented to David Richards, a 10-year award to Trevor Kitt and 5-year awards went to Zoe Hall, Julie Ziebe, Jamie Magyar and Caz Hall.

This is an additional 180 years of combined service achieved by members at Warragul Unit.

“We are extremely proud of what our members have achieved”, said Warragul Unit Controller, Alan Male. “Their dedication and commitment speaks for itself and we could not be more grateful for their time and investment in protecting their community”.

The importance of family support in enabling VICSES volunteers to respond to emergencies is vital, for a fully volunteer service to function at its best.

“Families and friends play a critical support role for our volunteers. It’s this support which ensures that our members can be there to help their communities, when they are in need; 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days ayear”, Alan said.

“Whether it’s picking up the kids from school, heating up dinner, or being there for a hug after a long day or night – their support means everything to us.”

For information on volunteering with VICSES in your area, please visit ses.vic.gov.au/volunteer.