AAMI has VICSES covered

AAMI has VICSES covered

Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) units have received their allocation of new equipment this week as part of the annual AAMI equipment handover program.


Volunteers from VICSES attended the handover to receive the equipment as part of the ongoing partnership with AAMI which included chainsaws, motorised hydraulic kits and remote area lighting.

VICSES Chief Executive Officer Stephen Griffin said that VICSES was delighted AAMI’s contribution has been effectively directed to supporting our volunteers at a local level, where it will be of most benefit to them and the community.


“It’s in all of our best interests to have our VICSES units equipped with the tools they need when dealing with the hundreds of incidents and emergencies they attend throughout the year. AAMI’s contribution is highly valued by VICSES volunteers and the equipment funded by AAMI helps our 5000 volunteers provide a vital emergency service role in their local communities.


As well as emergency response, VICSES volunteers work tirelessly to educate and prepare their communities for these hazards and perform accredited training year-round to keep their skills sharp.


‘We have 1,700 pieces of equipment to hand over to volunteers across the whole state. We’re thrilled to be able to provide this support that enables VICSES to provide this invaluable service to our communities’, said Simone Taylor, Customer Engagement and Sponsorships Manager– AAMI.


Since becoming a VICSES community partner in 2002, AAMI has contributed more than $5 million to VICSES, supporting community awareness campaigns such as 15 to float as well as providing valuable equipment to volunteers.

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