Celebrating SES Dads this Sunday: Ross’s story

Celebrating SES Dads this Sunday: Ross’s story

His seven year-old son Lucas has also been involved with the SES for a similar amount of time having played a part in Gisborne Unit's YouTube videos that have both gone viral. According to Ross' wife Kylie,  Lucas now considers himself 'internet famous'.

"The kids love meeting other kids. It’s a community thing, you meet people in the community. It’s great for them (Lucas, 7 and Maddy, 4) to meet friends outside of their school and kinder, and they’re having great fun. The filming is something a little bit different and we’re proud to be involved."

Ross had previously served the CFA in a Community Safety Officer capacity at Woodend. After moving to Gisborne, he was walking past the unit one day when he struck up a conversation with some volunteers who had just returned from a job and before too long he was a member.

"They recognised I had some other skills that might be handy so quickly had me doing the PR stuff. And it's been constant since then,which has been really good. I find volunteering rewarding and love giving back to the community."

"The kids have a level of interest in Ross’s SES volunteering" says Kylie. "Lucas goes with Ross to the market fundraising activity, he shakes the tin and likes to be involved."

Being on call as an SES volunteer means the family sometimes needs to be flexible with plans.

"Often Ross says he’s about to go out the house and he’s with the kids when the pager goes off and he can’t go,” Kylie says. “There have been times when Dad’s gone and we go and do what we were going to do and we’ll see Dad later.

That’s his nature. He’s that type of person, he likes to help people. It’s a good way to meet people in the community and be a part of something. It’s good for him to do that."

We think it's good too! Have a great Father's Day, Ross!

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