CERA Findings Report 2016-17 now available

CERA Findings Report 2016-17 now available

In 2013, VICSES developed the CERA 2.0 process, which is a multi-hazard risk assessment process aligned with the National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines. 

The CERA process assists municipalities with:

  • identifying the hazards that pose a risk to their communities.
  • rating the hazards according to likelihood and consequence.
  • developing risk treatment (mitigation) strategies, to lower either the likelihood, the consequences, or both.
  • reassessing the hazards to determine whether the treatment strategies have lowered the risk, or whether further mitigation work is required.
  • meeting their obligations under emergency management legislation and guidelines.

The program is facilitated by VICSES Regional Officers Emergency Management (ROEMs) in most municipalities across Victoria, and with several large industry and infrastructure partners. In addition to running the CERA program, VICSES ROEMs also provide subject matter expertise on flood, storm, earthquake, tsunami and landslide.

As of May 2017, CERA had been implemented in 81 of a total of 85 local government entities, and also at Melbourne, Essendon and Moorabbin Airports.

The CERA Findings Report 2016-17 presents a summary of the CERA process, of Victoria’s risk management environment, and risk ratings across all participating municipalities across the state. 

Please note the data included in the report was current as of 1 June 2017.

For further information on the CERA process or the CERA Findings Report 2016-17, please contact emp@ses.vic.gov.au

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