Cold calling for fundraising raffle

Cold calling for fundraising raffle

VICSES is aware that many Victorians have received phone calls asking for the purchase of raffle tickets, on behalf of VICSES volunteers. 

People have contacted VICSES to report their concerns about these calls and the legitimacy of the fundraiser, reportedly conducted by the National State Emergency Service Volunteer Association (NSESVA) for the benefit of all SES Associations across Australia.

This fundraiser is currently active and Victorians may be called to ask if they would like to purchase raffle tickets through representatives of One Contact, a national sales company commissioned by NSESVA to run the raffle. Further details are available at

We encourage callers to always verify the caller and ask for written verification before proceeding with any contributions. 

VICSES does not seek donations via phone.

When VICSES volunteers do collect donations from their communities, they wear full uniform and carry photo identification identifying them as volunteers from their local VICSES Unit.

Volunteers do run authorised tin-shakes and fundraising stalls in their communities, but never via telephone. Whenever anyone asks for donations on our behalf, always check their credentials.

If you would like to donate to or support VICSES, contact your local unit directly to ensure your contribution will be used on the front line in your community. You can find your local unit by contacting VICSES or your Regional Office:

Any questions in relation to the raffle including benefits to local VICSES Units should be directed to Faye Bendrups, Independent Chair of VicSESVA or direct on 0435 964 455.  

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