Community Resilience Strategy Renewal: Celebrating our ongoing commitment to resilience

Community Resilience Strategy Renewal: Celebrating our ongoing commitment to resilience

VICSES is proud to release the Community Resilience Strategy Renewal, celebrating our ongoing commitment to achieving community resilience, and extending the approach introduced in the 2016-19 Strategy for a further three years.

The Strategy Renewal builds on the key achievements and lessons learnt during the initial term, and provides a road map for the design and development of community resilience activities, and delivery and evaluation of programs and resources throughout the next three years.

It reaffirms our commitment to better understanding community attitudes, key drivers and barriers, and details how we will continue to join with our communities before, during and after emergency events, develop positive partnerships and provide timely, effective reporting to the Victorian Government.


On 29 July 2016, the Minister for Emergency Services, Hon James Merlino MP, launched the 2016-19 Strategy; an important enabling element of VICSES’ vision to create Safer Communities – Together. 

For VICSES, the 2016-19 Strategy was a landmark piece of work that helped to cement our evolution from an emergency response-centric organisation to one with a broader focus that included our efforts to build community resilience before, during and after emergencies. The 2016-19 Strategy detailed our plan for:

  • How we will ensure we are accountable to deliver on our corporate imperatives.
  • How we will join and connect with communities.
  • How we will develop positive partnerships.
  • How we will meet our traditional and emerging accountabilities as an emergency service organisation.
  • How we will provide and share timely, effective reporting that is meaningful.

We collated annual findings and results throughout the duration of the 2016-19 Strategy to support continuous improvements of programs and initiatives during its lifetime.

These are publicly available as Yearly Outcomes Reports on our website.

Each Outcomes Report presents key highlights, activities and outcomes from the 2016-19 Strategy’s implementation, including our achievements against the strategic objectives and reports on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The Strategy Renewal extends the approach introduced in the 2016-19 Strategy for a further three years.

View the Community Resilience Strategy Renewal 

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