Critical TAC funding bolsters VICSES and CFA road rescue capability

Critical TAC funding bolsters VICSES and CFA road rescue capability

Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) and CFA’s road rescue capability has been boosted thanks to important annual funding to purchase equipment and deliver more training.

Each year, both agencies receive a combined total of over $6.6 million from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to go towards their Road Accident Rescue (RAR) services.

As part of that funding, CFA allocated a large portion of it to purchase and deliver 46 new tools across 13 of its road rescue brigades.

VICSES allocated the majority of the funds towards equipment, tools, maintenance, training and accreditation to be delivered over the course of the year. Late last week, both agencies came together for a road crash rescue demonstration at the CFA Brigade in Dandenong, to showcase this vital funding.

CFA Operations Manager for Specialist Response Rick Owen said this funding is vital for both emergency service agencies as they attend thousands of rescues and accidents each year.

“This ongoing funding allows us to purchase the equipment we need to maintain and improve our ability to respond and rescue community members in need of our help,” he said.

VICSES Deputy Chief Officer David Baker said our road crash rescue members work hard every day to save lives through prevention and response efforts.

“Our ultimate aim is to help reduce Victoria’s road toll. The annual funding helps us do just that and maintains our members’ skills and equipment,” he said.

The road rescue tools and equipment are important to help emergency services access occupants trapped in vehicles as a result of a crash.

There are 127 road crash rescue units and brigades operating across the state – 103 of which belong to VICSES and 24 to CFA.

CFA and VICSES will continue to work together to help save lives and protect our Victorian communities.


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