Developing Victorian leaders

Developing Victorian leaders

At just 25 years of age and one year of service, Ashleigh Davis is the Deputy Controller of the Corio Unit.

With women in leadership, opportunities to progress and a team of younger members, Ashleigh saw the potential to excel.

“I like to create positive change and make processes better, and I felt like I could do that with the SES,” Ashleigh said.

Outside of SES, Ashleigh continues to help others as a case manager and program coordinator for disability and mental health programs for youth.

In just one year, Ashleigh has filled several leadership roles which helped her become deputy controller.

Her past roles include the public relations and community education officer, duty officer, media liaison officer and sectional leader operational readiness.

Ashleigh was involved in setting up a regular road rescue demonstration at a Geelong trade tech college. It helps get a road safe message across to students.

 “We’ve had interest from students wanting to join as junior members,” she said.  The college also donate their old cars to the unit for training, which highlights the strength of the partnership.

Ashleigh’s fast-track to leadership has brought the role of unit controller one step closer.

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