Father-son recruit

Father-son recruit

When we met Cam O'Brien in July he explained to us that while he was Deputy Controller, Operations at the Wodonga SES Unit, work commitments had led him to Seymour, whose unit he also volunteers at, when he's not volunteering at Wodonga.

"I like helping people," said Cam, who joined the Wodonga unit in 2012. With his Dad being Unit Controller – Cam had seen the SES up close.

"My Dad has been in the unit for a while, so I guess I joined partly because of that, but I really enjoy volunteering, so while I'm able to help people I give as much as I can, If ever I was in need of help I would hope that there'd be someone who could come and assist me".

Cam saw just how important his work is to the community in late March of this year when a 15-minute storm ripped through Wodonga and felled trees caused building damage and road hazards.

"We had 215 requests for assistance that night and the usual 20 Wodonga members swelled to around 110 with assistance from surrounding units and assistance from the Albury SES based out of Wodonga headquarters."

We're proud to have Cam as a father-son recruit. 

To all the SES father's out there – and their families, have a great Father's Day!

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