Fundraising activities of VicSESVA

Fundraising activities of VicSESVA

Many of our volunteer units are part of an association called the Victoria State Emergency Service Volunteer Association (VicSESVA) formerly known as VESA, the Victoria Emergency Service Association.

VicSESVA is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. VicSESVA works to advocate for VICSES volunteers, actively supporting unit leadership teams and in engaging cooperatively with VICSES management and government.

VicSESVA have partnered with a national body called the National State Emergency Services Volunteer Association (NSESVA).

In partnership with the National State Emergency Service Volunteer Association (NSESVA), VicSESVA are supporting a national raffle run for the benefit of all SES Associations. Our understanding is that these raffles will run throughout the year in every State and Territory. 

VicSESVA has advised that Victorian residents may be cold-called to ask if they would like to purchase raffle tickets through representatives of OneContact, the national sales company commissioned by NSESVA to run the raffle. Full details of the national raffle including terms and conditions are available on the NSESVA website and frequently asked questions here.

Contact VicSESVA for more information

Any questions in relation to the raffle including benefits to local units, should be directed to Faye Bendrups, Independent Chair of VicSESVA via or contact directly on 0435 964 455.


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