Jacob takes on new and emerging technologies

Jacob takes on new and emerging technologies

The research scholarship will enable him to travel across Australia, and to the United States, to investigate how emergency management agencies can enhance the impact of community warnings through technology-driven options, such as artificial intelligence and automation. 

Jacob began as a volunteer with VICSES back in 2013 and has since worked at the Inspector General for Emergency Management (IGEM), Emergency Management Victoria (EMV), the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) and now VICSES. His career in the sector has been a passion for many years, having studied an undergraduate degree in emergency management. He has experience working at the national and state tiers, in areas including planning, risk, readiness, intelligence, community safety, monitoring and evaluation, post-inquiry implementation monitoring and public information and warnings.

He joined VICSES as a staff member in 2017 as Public Information and Warnings Advisor and is keen to share the results of his study with colleagues across Australia.

“Victoria has come a long way in enhancing systems, processes and arrangements to support the issuing of community-focussed warnings, particularly with the implementation of the multi-agency warnings platform, Emergency Management Common Operating Picture (EM-COP),” said Mr Riley.

“The intent of the study is to ensure we can continue to issue timely, tailored, relevant, accessible and consequence-based warnings, efficiently and effectively.”

Building upon industry learnings in the dissemination of critical information before, during and after emergencies, Jacob’s research will help to inform public information and warnings strategy at VICSES, in line with our vision of safer and more resilient communities.

For more info on the Emergency Services Foundation Scholarship go to, https://esf.com.au/

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