Neighbour Day 2019

Neighbour Day 2019

Know your neighbour; it could save your life 

Sunday 31 March marks Neighbour Day, an annual event designed to celebrate community and encourage people to connect with members of their neighbourhood. 

In a first for the campaign, the Country Fire Authority (CFA), Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) and the Red Cross have joined forces with Relationships Australia, to celebrate Neighbour Day and encourage communities across the state to build healthy relationships. 

Reaching out to your neighbour strengthens communities, preventing loneliness, isolation and depression. 

Creating a positive relationship with your neighbour, and having an understanding of who could be vulnerable during an emergency, may help save lives. 

The person next door could be the one who notifies you of an emergency, calls emergency services, or even act as first responder before crews arrive.


Neighbour Day Challenge 2019

VICSES, CFA and Red Cross recognise that community members who have strong relationships with their neighbours are more likely to help one another and achieve better outcomes when faced with an emergency. We want our members to take leadership and show the way for others by forming strong connections with their own neighbours.

For more information on how our members are getting involved, visit the Neighbour Day Challenge website.


How can you get involved? 

On Sunday 31 March, all you have to do is introduce yourself to your neighbours, whether it’s through an organised street party, a chat over a cup of tea, or even a friendly note under the door. 
Remember to share your experience on social media using the hashtag #NeighbourDay2019 or #ND19. 
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