Neighbour Day 2020: Update in response to COVID-19

Neighbour Day 2020: Update in response to COVID-19

At VICSES, we pride ourselves on being a part of our communities.

We understand that due to the current circumstances surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), many people will be minimising face-to-face interactions and holding or attending previously planned Neighbour Day activities or events may not be possible.

However, the premise of the campaign has never been more important. VICSES supports Neighbour Day because in a flood or a storm, positive social connections and a relationship with neighbours can make a big difference to the outcomes.

There are still many ways to create or maintain connections that are not face-to-face that can make a positive difference. This could include:

  • Checking in on neighbours over the phone or via text.
  • Leaving a calling card with a kind message and your contact details.
  • Providing neighbours with a household or food item if you have extra you can spare.
  • Joining a local online community/neighbourhood group for support (but remember, look to the Department of Health and Human Services as the source of truth for information and updates on coronavirus).

In the current pandemic environment, it has never been as important to maintain social connections and look out for one another.


Neighbour Day Calling Card

Download our Neighbour Day Calling Card and write your own message [PDF 75K]

For more information on Neighbour Day, see the Neighbour Day website.

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