New augmented reality 15 to float campaign

New augmented reality 15 to float campaign

08/10/2021, 2:57 PM

Through our partnership with AAMI, VICSES have developed an augmented reality experience based on the highly successful 15 to float campaign. 

15 to float is a key campaign for VICSES that encourages drivers to never drive on flooded roads using the novel and surprising fact that it only takes 15cm of water to float a small car.

15 to float was highly commended at the 2018 EMPA Awards and has been a key message for VICSES during recent mass media and geographically targeted advertising supported by the government.

The augmented reality experience is a ‘choose your own adventure’ where users make critical decisions related to flood water. Importantly, users are encouraged to make a pledge to “never drive on flooded roads” and share this with their own online communities. 

Community members can access the AR experience here, and our volunteers will be using the technology in their community engagement programs.