Operation SAFEPL8 visits Bacchus Marsh

Operation SAFEPL8 visits Bacchus Marsh

The theft of number plates from vehicles within our community is increasing. Victoria Police and Bacchus Marsh SES are aiming to deter thieves from stealing your number plates

Stolen number plates are used by criminals in the theft of petrol and other crimes. In some areas vehicles displaying false or stolen plates commit over 50% of petrol thefts in Victoria.

To deter thieves from stealing your plates, Operation SAFEPL8 offers free replacement of the standard screws used to attach number plates.

The service will be available between 10am - 2pm on Saturday 14 November, where members of our Bacchus Marsh Unit will join Victoria Police at Bacchus Marsh Main Street car park, opposite Royal Hotel, behind the old Library site.

What You Can Do

Help prevent serious offences and avoid the inconvenience and cost of replacing your number plates.

  • Secure your number plates with one-way, anti-theft screws. They cost only a few dollars and can be fitted with a standard flat bladed screw driver.
  • Park your car in a secure place. Park off the street in a garage or carport where possible.
  • Stay alert and report the theft of number plates to police as soon as possible.

The more motorists who secure their plates, the harder it will be for thieves to find a free ride. Step up to the plate, spread the word and tighten the screws on crime.

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