Product recall: VICSES torches

Product recall: VICSES torches

Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) conducted an internal review of its promotional material. Based on guidelines of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), VICSES discovered three items do not meet the industry code requirements.

These torches are unsafe for children. The recall is due to the internal button batteries in three torches pictured below. They are a safety risk to children. If ingested or inserted into the body the button battery poses a risk of injury, illness or death.

VICSES ceased distribution of the promotional torches and is issuing a public product recall message to ensure any member of the public who received any of these items safely disposes them.

Safely dispose of torches immediately

VICSES advise people to safely dispose of the torches immediately.

•    Find safe use of button battery product information on the Product Safety Australia's website
•    For safe disposal of batteries or battery products visit Sustainability Victoria.

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