Ready to knock 'em for six

Ready to knock 'em for six

Dimity Lynch proudly joined the Frankston Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) Unit as a volunteer cadet through McClelland College, when she was still in school. That was 2009. Last week she took on a new full time role as Regional Administration Officer; and this week she will represent the SES at the Victoria Police and Emergency Services games in cricket.

SES is the 22 year old’s passion. “I love the people and the sense of value it gives you,” Dimity says. “The challenges are the best part of it. No job is the same and you never know what you are going to get into.”

The challenges can be emotional and physical. Her unit responded to a flooded house. The team addressed the immediate flood problem, and they helped calm the very distressed elderly occupant.

“She was really upset and had no family or friends to support her,” Dimity explains. “Jobs like that can be emotionally draining, and then other jobs are physically draining. For example when a big tree goes down and you need to use the heavy equipment to do the job.”

Being part of a road rescue unit Dimity has responded to multiple road crash and trapped person rescues. It’s challenges like these that keep Dimity committed and excited about wearing orange. And that’s who she turns to when she needs to debrief or process an emergency response.

“The orange people are my family,” Dimity shares. “I talk to them about how to deal with the challenges, and how we may deal with them in different or similar ways. I’ve accessed Peer Support once, too. It’s great to know you have different avenues to go down if you need support.”

“It’s the companionship, the challenges, and just knowing that I’m helping and that I’m making a difference make it worthwhile,” she says.

This camaraderie will see Dimity take on her fifth games. She represented the SES in Tenpin Bowling from 2012 to 2015, and this year will be her first time representing the SES in the cricket team.

She plays for Ringwood Cricket Club. In her three season history with the club they have already won two premierships. When Ian Hawkins – this years’ cricket team organiser – got wind that there was a gun player in the Frankston Unit, he signed her up to the team. Dimity is a strong fielder and is usually placed in one of the deep positions thanks to her strong and accurate throwing arm. She doesn’t mind slugging it out with the bat either, thanks in part to formerly playing baseball.

“I’m very competitive person and I’m also very much into teams,” Dimity adds. “And I really like the idea of all the services getting together and having a bit of fun.

“It’s competitive but good natured,” she adds.  “We get together, have a few laughs and grab a drink or have lunch after.”

All levels can get involved in the games. Give it a go!

Get involved

Ian Hawkins still has two places on the cricket team. They go out to bat this Thursday. Email to get involved.

Find out more about the games here (SES members only) or visit the Victoria Police and Emergency Games website.


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