Severe Weather in Victoria: Impacts and Response

Severe Weather in Victoria: Impacts and Response

VICSES releases study into impacts and response to Severe Weather in Victoria

The State of Victoria has experienced a number of significant severe weather events in recent history that has both tested and informed readiness, response and recovery strategies at all levels of government. Severe storms are estimated to cost A$284 million per annum and can cause significant damage to homes, businesses and community infrastructure. This represents one quarter of the average annual cost of natural disasters in Australia. In terms of insured costs, severe storms are responsible for more damage than tropical cyclones, earthquakes, floods or bushfires.

With the increasing intensity of some hazard events, and, changing environmental, social and economic factors, Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES), as the control agency in Victoria for storm events, acknowledges the need for an improved understanding of the severe weather hazard and the broader risks and consequences faced by Victorian communities.

This document reports the findings of a study undertaken by VICSES into impacts and response to Severe Weather in Victoria. The study aims to provide useful insights for the Agency and key partners to examine the trends of the event occurrences across the State and correlations to impacts and responses where available.

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