Preparations for potential flood underway - State Emergency Response Plan Flood Sub-plan V2 released

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Preparations for potential flood underway - State Emergency Response Plan Flood Sub-plan V2 released

Published 02/10/2020

The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) have released the State Emergency Response Plan (SERP) Flood Sub-plan Edition 2.

The updated plan has been led by VICSES as part of the Spring Preparedness activities, to ensure that the state arrangements for managing flood events are clearly outlined and the latest changes in practices are reflected in the event of flooding events across Spring into Summer. As outlined within the plan, shared responsibility is essential including the need for the Victorian community to be prepared.

BoM seasonal rainfall outlook for October – December indicates a high likelihood to exceed the median rainfall across the state with an increased likelihood (greater than 80% chance) across Hume, Loddon Mallee, and Grampians regions in particular.

VICSES urges the community to be prepared in the event of flood activity in the coming months. A campaign has been introduced to encourage Victorians to Plan to stay dry: Bag it, Block it, Lift it and Leave

Know what to do if your home is being threatened by major flooding:

  • Bag it - by laying sandbags where water may get into your home.
  • Block it - by covering your toilet and drains to prevent back-flow
  • Lift it and Leave - by shifting valuables onto tables and benchtops, and leaving early to a family or friends house on higher ground (which is still ok to do in-line with COVID-19 restrictions).


As highlighted within the plan, The objective of the update to the SERP Flood sub-plan includes provision of current and accurate information relating to:

  • VICSES changes in organisation, agency roles and responsibilities, and utilisation of sector tools such as the use of EM-COP and VicEmergency.
  • Evolution of the sector in relation to multi-agency and cross border arrangements, including access and deployment of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).
  • Operational response in a complex and multi-hazard environment that has impacted Victoria since late 2019, including bushfires, storms and COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is recognised and included as part of the update of the Flood Sub-plan, however, to ensure the continued application of the plan to be relevant and applicable at all times key considerations and related activities to COVID-19 and flood preparedness and response have been included in Attachment A.

The update and release has coincided with the release of the State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) that was delivered on 30 September 2020. As such, the SERP Flood Sub-plan will be rolled over to become a SEMP Sub-plan along with all other relevant hazard plans.

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