State Tsunami Plan Edition 2 released

State Tsunami Plan Edition 2 released

The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) has released Edition 2 of the State Tsunami Plan (State Emergency Response Plan (SERP) Tsunami Sub-plan). This plan details the tsunami risk to Victoria, potential consequences resulting from a tsunami event, and the state emergency management arrangements in place for managing and responding to a tsunami event. The release of this plan comes just 15 days before the 15 year anniversary of the devastating 2004 Indonesian Boxing Day Tsunami that occurred on 26 December 2004.

As detailed in the plan, Victoria comparably has a smaller risk to tsunami events due to our geographic location and protective offshore land formations which would reduce the potential impacts to the community. However, there is still a risk that a tsunami event could affect the waters and coastline of Victoria. The upcoming 15 year anniversary of the 2004 Indonesian Boxing Day Tsunami also provides a timely reminder to all of us visiting the coastline of Victoria and travelling abroad that tsunami’s could occur any time and that it is important to plan ahead.

In Victoria you can access information on how to prepare for tsunami events via our Plan and Stay Safe page and real-time public information and warnings via VicEmergency, located at:

You can also learn more about tsunami’s in Tsunami: The Ultimate Guide, located at:

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