There’s a role for everyone at the SES

There’s a role for everyone at the SES

“I look forward to the wild weather and to chop up some trees,” Joan says. “Its’ amazing to think someone my age can learn to use a chainsaw.”

Although she had always been frightened of using a chainsaw she says the SES training gives you confidence to use it and to feel safe using it.

“Anyone can join the SES from age 18 to 90,” she says.  “There are roles for everybody.”

Joan has been called to help other units and even assist interstate. And when the devastating Black Saturday fires struck, Joan was there to help the Country Fire Authority (CFA) firefighters and volunteers with the equipment and supplies they needed. “It was such a traumatic time and a privilege to do something to help,” she says.

Being part of a city-based unit Joan often gets involved in public relations activity in city and central CBD. “There’s a couple of times we’ve fished someone out of the water in the Yarra River, sitting right under where fireworks go off.”

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