Training boost for Port Fairy and Heywood units

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Training boost for Port Fairy and Heywood units

Published 14/08/2020
Port Fairy and Heywood members have completed VICSES road crash rescue competency.

A pair of western Victorian units have been hard at work providing specialist training to volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic, with digital and on-site options both utilised at different times.

Before stage three restrictions kicked in once more for regional Victoria, Port Fairy and Heywood members were able to complete VICSES road crash rescue competency, with their achievement highlighted by The Standard.

Port Fairy Controller Stephen McDowell said that volunteers from both units had to put in 60-70 hours each.

It means than 13 of the 14 Port Fairy volunteers now have road rescue accreditation, making the entire unit more capable, flexible, and able to serve their local community.

VICSES provides the largest road crash rescue service in Victoria with 103 of our 150 units across the state trained in this vital role.

The Port Fairy unit also took to social media to celebrate the training milestone.

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