VICSES celebrate International Women's Day

VICSES celebrate International Women's Day

Within VICSES, 31.5% of all members are women. 103 of these are unit officers, 63 are deputy controllers and 25 are unit controllers. International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to recognise the work of the many women within VICSES who continue to serve the community.

Connie Lapworth has been a member of VICSES for 11 years. As a unit controller at Broadmeadows SES, Connie said she was keen to see more women from all cultures join the organisation.

“We want to encourage all women to come on board, women from all backgrounds. We welcome everyone. The women do exactly the same as the men!” she said.

Connie Lapworth - Broadmeadows SES Unit Controller

Here's a video we've put together to celebrate the work of our women volunteers.  



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