VICSES Community Resilience Strategy

VICSES Community Resilience Strategy

We are pleased to commend the VICSES Community Resilience Strategy to all volunteers and staff. The Strategy will be officially launched in the coming week - further details will be provided when finalised!

This strategy was developed by the Community Resilience and Communications Team in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. Our People contributed through workshops, volunteer forums and project groups. All contributions are greatly appreciated. Key work following the consultation draft phase has included:

  • Consultant review of all feedback received and changes made where practical, including a shifted timeline of the Strategy to 2016-2019; and reshaped Strategic Objectives, Goals and Outcomes.
  • HLB Mann Judd has undertaken an internal audit review of the draft Strategy to assess and evaluate the adequacy and comprehensiveness of the strategy, its management processes and controls, and to assist VICSES in the development of a way forward to not only assist in further strengthening the strategy, but also to provide some guidance in its implementation. 
  • University of Melbourne's Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI) has now been engaged on the design of an evaluation framework and selection of all input, output and outcome measurements for our KPIs.
  • Year 1 activities are in Unit Business Plans 2016/17.

This research and consultation process has shaped the Strategy which you can download here:

We welcome your feedback and input to assist us in the implementation and delivery of the strategy. You can learn more at VICSES Community Resilience Strategy 2016-2019.

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