VICSES is 40 Years Young

VICSES is 40 Years Young

2015 marks 40 years of the Victorian State Emergency Service (VICSES). VICSES is celebrating this achievement by releasing a documentary film on Wear Orange Wednesday (18 November 2015).

The documentary, 40 Years Young illustrates the rich historical past of VICSES taking note of achievements, hardships and the evolution of the organisation from the Civil Defence which began in the 1950s to the VICSES we see today.

VICSES will be launching the documentary to coincide with Wear Orange Wednesday a national day of recognition to thank more than 40,000 SES volunteers from all over Australia who dedicate their time to help communities plan, prepare and respond to emergencies.

The documentary includes interviews from VICSES volunteers and staff, past and present as well as experts on early technology and equipment, extreme weather modelling and how we can embrace diversity to meet the challenges of the future.

Wear Orange Wednesday is the perfect time to release a documentary that captures our past, present and future says VICSES CEO Stephen Griffin.

“VICSES volunteers have been serving the Victorian community 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days per year for more than 40 years. By wearing orange on Wednesday 18 November we can show them how much value we place on their time and service to the community.”

“VICSES volunteers have a passion and an enthusiasm for helping people when they are most in need. They have committed over 250,000 hours over the past year towards flood, storm, rescue and community education, not including the significant amount of time spent training to ensure they can carry out the wide range of tasks required of them” he said.

The documentary will be available to watch via the VICSES40 website from 18 November 2015.  A teaser trailer and other exciting features will be available on this website during the lead up to the release date.

Everybody has the opportunity to thank all VICSES volunteers on Wednesday 18 November by simply wearing a piece of orange clothing. Share your appreciation even further by posting your photo on the VICSES Facebook page

To send a message of thanks to VICSES volunteers during the 40th Anniversary year, visit

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