VICSES Life Membership award for Bert and Kath

VICSES Life Membership award for Bert and Kath

Bert and Kath Roberts were presented with VICSES life memberships during a recent presentation in Marong.

Bert and Kath Roberts

The couple had lived in Marong for five years before receiving a SES recruitment flyer in their letter box and deciding to apply.  At the time, Marong Unit had only 8 members with three on the brink of retirement. Shortly after joining, Kath had taken on the role of Administration Officer and Bert the role of Unit Controller. Together, they took on the task of modernising and revitalising the Marong Unit.

Marong Unit today has over 30 active members, a new building, three modern rescue vehicles, a boat, a mule and financial security. Much of these improvements and even the survival of the Unit can be attributed to the contributions of Kath and Bert over the last 20 years.

John Parker, Assistant Chief Officer (Regional Manager, North West Region) presented the award.

“Albert (Bert) John Roberts and Kathleen (Kath) Mary Roberts have been dedicated members of VICSES for over 20 years. Commencing at Marong in 1994, Bert and Kath were instrumental in transitioning the Marong Unit from the old Civil Defence mentality to the new VICSES way of operating.”

It is fair to say that although their careers have mirrored each other, both Bert & Kath have both been of great benefit to VICSES in their own right.


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