VICSES Safety Champion finalist #2

VICSES Safety Champion finalist #2

Meet our second VICSES Safety Champion finalist, Heather Haas from Brimbank Unit!

A member of the Brimbank Unit for over 10 years,  Heather is a caring, empathetic and thoughtful safety champion who is diligent in ensuring the safety of those around her and who leads by example.

Heather is nominated for her enormous contribution to her unit’s safety culture. She is passionate about safety and is committed to strongly promoting safety awareness in the community and supporting safe work practices within the unit .

Heather is always looking out for others and ensuring that they are ok, particularly the younger members who she thinks of as her own. Heather strongly believes that safety is not to be taken lightly and is a very important part of everyday life.  She supports the need to keep both mind and body alert and healthy with regular exercise and a good diet, Health, safety and wellbeing go hand in hand!  


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