VICSES warns campers to remain alert this Boxing Day

VICSES warns campers to remain alert this Boxing Day

Published: 25/12/2015

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting heavy rain possibly leading to flash flooding this Boxing Day.

Given the high number of campers and holiday makers during this period, Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is asking everyone to take care especially if camping along creeks and rivers in central and eastern parts of Victoria.

Many caravan and camping areas are located on low-lying land close to a river, stream, estuary or beach front. This increases the chance of flooding.

Those holidaying in areas that have recently experience fires should also be aware of an increased risk of landslips due to a reduction in vegetation after a fire. Trees that have been burnt or damaged by heat and fire can become unstable and are more prone to falling in windy or wet conditions.

Some tips to stay safe when camping:

  • When arriving at a caravan park or campground take a few minutes to find out about your surroundings.  Check evacuation routes and ask how you will be notified of an emergency
  • You may not receive any official warning for flash flooding. You are best placed to keep you and your family safe. Assess your own risk and act
  • Never drive through floodwater – flash flooding is dangerous and unpredictable.  You have no way of knowing if roads and bridges have eroded.

VICSES is the lead agency for responding to flood and storm emergencies throughout Victoria.  While VICSES provides information, awareness of your local situation and preparation is the best way for you to remain safe.

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