Victorian SES urges motorists to watch for signs of fatigue

Victorian SES urges motorists to watch for signs of fatigue

The Driver Reviver campaign has been targeting driver fatigue for more than 25 years, dedicated to reducing fatigue and promoting safe driving behaviours, by encouraging motorists to take regular breaks on their journey.


With Victorians flocking to the roads for the Easter holidays this week; Toll Driver Reviver – along with Victorian government partners Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Victorian State Emergency Service (VICSES) are urging motorists to watch for signs of fatigue, as research shows that drivers are seven times more likely to have an accident when driving tired.


Driver Reviver volunteers come from a wide range of organisations including Lions Clubs and the SES. VICSES are the largest Road Rescue operator in Victoria, and volunteers respond to more than 1,000 road crash rescues per year.


VICSES CEO Stephen Griffin said SES volunteers love volunteering their time at Driver Reviver sites around Victoria.


“What they don’t enjoy is cutting people out of their vehicle after a fatigue related collision. Easter is a particularly busy time on our roads and we are asking drivers to take care these holidays.”


For more information about Toll Driver Reviver and operating sites, please visit: /news-and-media/campaigns/driver-reviver


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