School Visits

Our VICSES volunteers run a free education program at Victorian primary schools - to ensure our young students know how to stay safe in an emergency.

Please Note:  The current Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has resulted in the postponement of VICSES volunteers visiting schools for presentations. This decision has been based on advice from the Australian Government and the Department of Health and Human Services, as we seek to keep Victorian and all Australian communities safe. 

If you would like us to contact you once we are able to start conducting school visits again, please complete the form below. 


The interactive presentations cover the topics of floods, storms or how to prepare for emergencies.  

Please fill in the request form below and the team will be in touch to organise a school visit, pending availability of members. 

You can also download this booking form in a pdf format and mail it to us:

Do you have a specific date or time that you would prefer the visit to take place?
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 Emergency Ready 
The school programs also offers extension activities that cover earthquakes and tsunamis. Would you be interested in including either of these programs?

Please list any further information about your school that might be relevant (for example, is your school at risk of or recently affected by floods, storms or any other emergency event?)
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