For over 27 years, TOLL Driver Reviver has been a national campaign with one objective: to reduce road collisions by alleviating driver fatigue.


Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) volunteers and Lions Club members operate sites around Victoria on holiday weekends and peak traffic days offering motorists a safe place to stop and refresh.

VICSES volunteers will offer free coffee, tea and snacks at roadside locations over the Easter break to encourage drivers to stop, rest and refresh, in an effort to ensure they can arrive safely at their destination.

In the last 12 months, VICSES volunteers have responded to more than 1300 road rescues across the state.

We would much rather serve you a cup of tea, than cut you out of a car.




Tips for driving 

  • Get a good night's rest: Don't leave your packing until late the night before. Go to bed early and start the day feeling fresh.
  • Be a planner: Plan your trip in advance and allow it to be flexible. Always remember to factor in regular breaks so you can stop and recharge.
  • Keep the kids busy: If you have a long road trip ahead, try and keep the kids busy occupied with activities such as games, colouring in, or watching a movie.
  • Don't get distracted: When you're behind the wheel of a vehicle, driving in your number one priority. The safety of you, and your passengers is in your hands
  • Listen to your body: Are you yawning, rubbing your eyes or feeling restless? These are all symptoms of fatigue. If you're feeling tired, dont try and fight it - pull pver for a power nap.

You can learn more information about driver fatigue on the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) website.


2019 Driver Reviver Sites

NOTE: Driver Reviver site times and locations may vary due to traffic, volunteer availability or emergency response. 


Regions: North East (Hume), East (Gippsland), North West (Loddon Mallee), South West (Barwon South West) Mid West (Grampians), Central (Metropolitan North, West and Southern) 




North East Benella Unit Mokoan rest area, southbound lane, Hume Freeway (near Winton)  
North East Euroa Unit Balmattum rest area, northbound Hume Freeway, Balmattum   
North East Euroa Unit Balmattum rest area, southbound Hume Freeway, Balmattum   
North East Chiltern Unit Chiltern Park southbound rest area, Hume Freeway  
North East Murchison Unit Wahring truck rest area  
East Leongatha Unit Opposite the showgrounds on South Gippsland Highway, Korumburra


East Morwell Unit Caltex Servo, Princes Highway, Taralgon East


East Orbost Unit Newmerella Recreation Reserve, Princes Highway  
East Stratford Unit Stratford Soldiers Memorial Park, Stratford  
East Bruthen Unit Rotunda, Main Street, Bruthen


East Cann River Unit Princess Highway, Cann River


North West Heathcote Unit Council office, High Street  
North West Marong Unit Calder Highway alternate rest stop, Marong


North West Maryborough Unit Lions Club Park, Park Road


North West Mildura Unit Lake Cullulleraine General Store, Sturt Highway  
South West Winchelsea Unit Corner of Princes Highway and Barwon Terrace  
Central Healsville Unit Castella Central Park, corner of Healsville-Kinglake road and Melba Highway