Benalla Rural City Council

Flood information for the Benalla Rural City Council, including the local flood guide for Benalla and a Municipal Flood Emergency Plan.

Benalla Map

SES has developed Local Flood Guides to explain local flood risks for communities at risk. This includes advice for communities on how to prepare and respond to flood events and who to contact in the event of a flood.

SES has also developed Municipal Flood Emergency Plans to prepare, respond to and recover from flood events within Municipality.

Flood history

The Rural City of Benalla and its surrounds are at significant risk of flooding.

Historically Benalla has bee impacted by major flooding affecting businesses and residence. For example, in October of 1993:

  • 1,500 people evacuated from their homes
  • 500 houses and businesses flooded or cut-off
  • 5 bridges damaged or destroyed, roads cut
  • 400 km rural fencing & farm machinery damaged
  • Telephone services, power, sewage and water supplies damaged an interrupted

For more information refer to the Benalla Local Flood Guide and Municipal Flood Emergency Plan below.

Local Flood Guides

Municipal Flood Emergency Plan


Your local SES unit is:

  • Benalla Unit, 1 Samaria Road, Benalla.

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