Junior accredited units and child safety

VICSES is a child safe, child friendly organisation. This means that we value children and their safety, engagement and education.

On this page:

Junior members are probationary members aged from 15 years up to 18 years. 

They are entitled to complete the same level of training and receive the same Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment as other members, and are able to attend some operational activities under supervision, in a controlled environment. 

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), which means that all of our training courses are nationally recognised. Each course you undertake can be utilised to assist you with further employment or expanding your learning.

As a VICSES junior member, you may be exposed to a number of scenarios including: 

  • General rescue 
  • Storm response 
  • Flood response 
  • Community engagement

Each VICSES unit is different in its size, complexity and the roles that it fulfils. 

We invite you to watch this introductory video for parents, guardians and junior members highlighting the organisations commitment to child safety and further details of junior membership.

If you have any questions regarding junior membership please contact your Unit Controller or regional staff, or email the Child Safety Officer.

It is important to note, parents and guardians are asked to give formal consent that their child can participate in selected, supervised training and other operational activities.