Join us: Seeking new Unit Controller and Deputy Controllers

Join us: Seeking new Unit Controller and Deputy Controllers

18/08/2023, 4:50 PM

Our four new unit builds located in Aintree, Cranbourne, Officer and Point Cook are well underway, and we are now commencing the recruitment process for Unit Controllers to lead the operationalisation of the new units. This is an exciting opportunity to help lead the establishment of these new units within VICSES.

With reference to VICSES Policy 1.07, we call for Expressions of Interest from suitable community members and existing VICSES members, to be considered for the following roles to support the establishment and commencement of the new units: 

•    Unit Controller
•    Deputy Controller Administration and Members
•    Deputy Unit Controller Operations and Training

Unit Controller 

The role of a Unit Controller is a leadership position within a VICSES Unit. It holds a great deal of responsibility in the service and often takes you away from time with your family and friends.  As Controller of a new Unit, you will be leading the development of culture, processes, recruitment, training and operationalisation of the resources within your Unit, to establish a solid foundation for the unit’s future.

The Unit Controller is formally appointed by the Chief Officer Operations in accordance with Section 35 of the VICSES Act. The Unit Controller is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management of the Unit, leading and managing members within the VICSES policy framework and to ensure that all activities are undertaken safely to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for the community.  

The Unit Controller is accountable for the effective delivery of all functions delivered by the unit.

The Unit Controller reports to the Operations Manager, who provides guidance, support, performance feedback and coaching. 

  • Unit Controllers lead, manage, mentor and coach their team members, harnessing the natural energy and drive of their Unit members to create a unique team environment. 
  • Unit Controllers are accountable to manage the unit in accordance with established VICSES policies and procedures and to ensure that all members participate in accordance with the Volunteer code of conduct.
  • Unit Controllers are the stewards of the Unit and create the organisational culture of the Unit by removing obstacles and barriers that might otherwise damage morale and limit team effectiveness.

Unit Controllers bring out the very best in VICSES members, maximizing their potential, and with it, the efficiency of the Unit. They measure success in their effectiveness in bringing the Unit together in the pursuit of its common cause - the best possible operational readiness and response capability. 

Deputy Controllers

Two Deputy Controller roles will be recruited for each new unit: Deputy Controller Administration and Members, and Deputy Controller Operations and Training.  Deputy Controllers are integral to the success of a unit and are key members of the Unit Management Team that supports the Unit Controller through their functional knowledge and expertise.

The deputies are appointed by the Unit Controller to help form the Unit Management Team and assist in the management of the unit. Deputy Unit Controllers support the Unit Controller by leading delivery within their functional area.  

Deputy Unit Controllers provide guidance, support, performance feedback and coaching to members within their functional area. 

Expression of Interest

Potential candidates for both the Unit Controller and Deputies are invited to contact the relevant Operations Manager Unit Support to discuss the role further or for further information. Persons who may be interested or wish to nominate or support another candidate are welcome to contact the Operations Manager and in confidence to discuss the matter further.

Expressions of Interest should include a brief resume and cover letter addressing the Technical Skills and Accountabilities relevant to the role, and attributes the person would bring to the role. All correspondence, including applications, should be received via email to the Operations Manager by COB Monday 11th September 2023.

For additional details on this EOI, please contact Operations Manager:

Aintree Unit:
Chris Arnold

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0482 779 445 

Cranbourne and Officer Units: 
Matt Taranto

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0417 162 578 

Point Cook Unit:
Jodie Griffin

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0407 319 178