Critical driving program donates vehicles to VICSES volunteers

Critical driving program donates vehicles to VICSES volunteers

12/12/2023, 1:30 PM

VICSES Nillumbik Unit RCR-accredited volunteers undertake RCR simulation at the Nillumbik facility, 12 December 2023

Vehicles donated after their use in the TAC L2P Program are providing VICSES volunteer units the assets to undertake critical Road Crash Rescue (RCR) training.

During the TAC L2P Program, vehicles are required to be newer than ten years old and have a vehicle safety rating of 4 or 5 stars. So once vehicles reach their end of use within the program, they are donated to VICSES for vital training.

VICSES volunteers play a critical role in providing RCR response, that’s why programs such as the TAC L2P Program, are vital in ensuring VICSES volunteers develop and maintain skills to undertake RCR training.

Extensively trained VICSES volunteers are responsible for the safe extrication of patients, trapped in vehicles, following road crash incidents. With the increase in fatalities on Victorian roads this year, it’s vital our volunteers undergo regular RCR training and skills maintenance required as part of their life saving role.

On average, volunteers respond to 1,300 road crash rescues state-wide each year.

In the last financial year, 2022/23, VICSES volunteers responded to 1,516 Road Crash Rescue incidents (expending approx.12,051 volunteer hours).

VICSES provides 85% of Road Crash Rescue (RCR) coverage across Victoria with each of our 104 principal accredited units capability assessed every three years. VICSES also has 22 Rescue Support Units statewide.

VICSES volunteers accredited in Road Crash Rescue response are specially trained in casualty handling, and we practice this regularly.

The VICSES Nillumbik Unit today used one of the donated cars to undertake a road crash rescue simulation. VICSES volunteers are highly trained to meet national standards and participate in regular capability assessments to ensure they continue to meet these standards.

The TAC L2P program is a vital mentor program that matches eligible learners without access to a vehicle and a supervising driver to a volunteer mentor, free driving lessons with a qualified instructor and sponsored car.

Since it began in 2008, the TAC L2P program has helped thousands of young learner drivers in Victoria across 58 programs, logging 800,000 hours and supporting more than 8,100 participants to get their P-Plates across the state.


If you would like to donate a vehicle for use by our volunteers in RCR training, VICSES assessors are especially interested in newer models that have modern strengthening features like boron steel and side-intrusion bars, which are more resistant against our tools. Donated cars do not need to be operational.

To donate a car, contact your local region office.

VICSES Nillumbik Unit RCR-accredited volunteers undertake RCR simulation at the Nillumbik facility, 12 December 2023

Quotes attributable to VICSES Acting Deputy Chief Officer, Readiness and Response, Mark Cattell:

“We’re always looking for vehicles to use in simulations and training to harness our critical road crash rescue skills, so it’s great to partner with the L2P and reuse their donated car.

“It can be expensive to buy cars for training purposes and we need them to be reasonably modern to reflect the sort of vehicles we encounter in real crashes.”

Quotes attributable to VICSES Nillumbik Unit, Deputy Controller Operations, Luke Simionato:

“This year it looks as though the number of fatalities on roads is increasing, so it’s all the more important for our volunteers to come together, work as one and train as one using these vehicles.”

“Programs such as this reflect on the quality of and train as one training we provide at VICSES, as the largest road crash rescue provider in the country.”

Quotes attributable to Head of Road Safety Victoria, Marcelo Vidales:

“This is a great opportunity to give back to the SES and the incredible work they do and we’re proud to be able to facilitate such an important initiative – a first of its kind - under the L2P program.”

“This is just another example of the Victorian Government working to support local community organisations and helping reduce road trauma.”

Quotes attributable to Transport Accident Commission Chief Executive Officer, Tracey Slatter:

“We’re making way for new vehicles under the TAC L2P program and it’s great to see our older vehicles being upcycled for this purpose, while ensuring participants are gaining their valuable hours of supervised on-road experience in newer, safer vehicles.”

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