VICSES volunteer's 11,000km walk an amazing feat

VICSES volunteer's 11,000km walk an amazing feat

01/12/2023, 5:00 PM

Nine years ago, Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) volunteer Rob Olifiers started walking.

Since then he’s walked every single street, road, lane and court across 21 council areas in Melbourne: over 11,000 kilometres

On Friday 1 December, 2023 Rob walked the final leg of his twenty-first, and last, municipality from Victorian Head Office in Southbank to the Melbourne Town Hall. He was joined by VICSES executive staff, his family, and his peers from VICSES Whitehorse Unit.

On arrival, Rob and his companions were greeted and congratulated at Melbourne Town Hall by Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne Nick Reece.

What started out as a simple walk, aimed at helping his body and mind, quickly became a passion project. Having started out in Mitcham, Mr Olifiers home suburb, he quickly became motivated to discover new, unwalked streets and decided to visit his local council, obtaining a map where he began marking off his journey.

As well as being a great way to exercise, Rob used the opportunity to spread awareness about the work of VICSES - where he as volunteered for 18 years - and to meet new friends along the way. Using his background as a teacher, and his experiences over nearly a decade, Rob is writing an educational book about communities.

An incredible achievement Rob; time to put your feet up.

Rob Olifiers being greeted at Melbourne Town Hall by the Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Rees on 1st December 2023 (photo credit: VICSES)

Rob Olifiers leaves from Victorian Head Office for Melbourne Town Hall on 1st December 2023 with Shelley Cussen and Tim Wiebusch (photo credit: VICSES)

Rob Olifiers with family, friends, and the Deputy Lord Mayor (photo credit: VICSES)