SES Winchelsea Unit volunteers to operate first Driver Reviver stop in 7-years

SES Winchelsea Unit volunteers to operate first Driver Reviver stop in 7-years

08/03/2024, 2:37 PM
SES Winchelsea units are activating for the first time since 2017

Over the Labour Day long weekend, VICSES Winchelsea Unit volunteers will be back to doing what they do best, and after a seven-year long hiatus, will be hosting a Driver Reviver rest stop for motorists to utilise and stay safe on Victorian roads this weekend!

VICSES volunteers will offer free coffee, tea and snacks at the locations below, to encourage drivers to stop, rest and refresh, so they can arrive safely at their destination this long weekend:

  • Location: 6 Main Street Winchelsea

Operated by: VICSES / Lions

When: Friday 8 March 2024      12:00 PM to 11:00 PM

  • Location: 2996 Princes Highway, Winchelsea

Operated by: VICSES

When: Monday 11 March 2024 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Fatigue is one of the big killers on Victorian roads and Driver Reviver sites offer a place for motorists to take a break and enjoy a free coffee, tea or snack.

Since the launch of Driver Reviver over 28 years ago, volunteers have served more than 23 million hot drinks to drivers across Australia. Driver Reviver advises motorists to get a good night’s sleep before travelling, take extra care while driving and plan journeys to include stops on the way to avoid fatigue.

VICSES volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year towards hosting Driver Reviver sites, as a way to reduce driver fatigue and resulting car crashes, which unfortunately are on the rise in Victoria this year.

Quotes attributable to VICSES Winchelsea Unit Controller and Winchelsea Driver Reviver Site Manager, David Hatty:

“It’s vital motorists are aware of the dangers associated with driving without breaks over the holiday season, especially when people can take longer journeys on busier and often unfamiliar roads”.

“Fatigue behind the wheel can be fatal. A break to stop, rest and refresh could save your life and your loved ones lives”.

“Our volunteers would much rather give you a free cuppa and have a friendly chat than respond to a motor vehicle accident further down the road”.

“The message is simple; Stop. Rest. Revive. Survive”.