FloodSafe Week begins

FloodSafe Week begins

Victoria State Emergency Service’s (SES) annual flood awareness campaign FloodSafe Week is now underway.

This year’s campaign message is simple:  Never enter floodwater…you don’t know what you’re getting in to.

Driving through floodwater is the biggest killer of adults in Australian floods. Floodwater can wash out roads to create slips and sinkholes, so even seemingly shallow water across a familiar road can pose danger. Floodwater as shallow as the bottom of your car door can sweep away your vehicle, and by then you’ve already lost control. Don’t ever risk driving through floodwater.

It isn’t just drowning that can kill, floodwater is disgusting and dirty. Before it gets to you, it picks up everything in its path, including dead and decaying animals, chemicals and toxins, sharp and dangerous items such as rusted metal and barbed wire, broken glass and timber and garbage.

Avoid these risks by never entering floodwater: It’s that easy.

Victoria SES’ Chief Executive Officer Stephen Griffin said this year’s focus is on shining a light into the murky contents of floodwater.

“We encourage everyone to use FloodSafe Week as an opportunity to meet their local SES volunteers and learn how they can be prepared for the threat of flood. A little preparation goes a long way and we all need to take responsibility for our safety and learn the local flood risks.”

For a full list of FloodSafe Week events, or for information on putting together an emergency kit, visit our website or our facebook page.

To see for yourself what disgusting and dirty things are lurking in floodwater, take a look at the video clip below.

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