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Driver Reviver - What's Your Plan?

Driver Reviver

For over 20 years, Driver Reviver has been a national campaign with one objective: to reduce road collisions by alleviating driver fatigue.

Victoria State Emergency Service volunteers and Lions Club members operate sites around Victoria on holiday weekends and peak traffic days offering motorists a safe place to stop and refresh.

Driver fatigue, unlike other safety hazards such as speeding or drink driving, is not a criminal offense, however can be just as deadly.

Together with our partners, Victoria Police and TAC, we wish you a safe journey.

Watch the new Driver Reviver videos

Driver Reviver TAC Videos.jpg

Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has teamed up with volunteers from our Bacchus Marsh and Wonthaggi units to create two new videos about Driver Reviver. View the videos to learn more about this great service and why it's important to stop and rest when driving.

Places to stop

View locations and dates of upcoming Driver Revivers over the Easter long weekend.

Media resources

View resources for media stories about Driver Reviver.