Child safety and VICSES - parent/guardian and junior information page

Child safety and VICSES - parent/guardian and junior information page

VICSES is committed to upholding the safety and wellbeing of all children. This means that we value those under 18 years of age and put their interests first, ensuring that we foster a culture, adopt strategies and take actions to promote safety, wellbeing and prevent harm to children.

Upholding our Child Safety Standards ensures that we always put children’s safety and wellbeing first, and through that, VICSES continues to be a highly respected and trusted organisation within the Victorian community.

As part of VICSES' commitment to child safety, a Child Safety at VICSES online learning module was released in July for all volunteers and staff, outlining our Child Safety Policy, Code of Conduct and working with children requirements.

To assist parents, guardians and children in understanding these commitments, as well as how a child may join VICSES as a junior member, an information page has been established on our VICSES website. Located within the side menu under Volunteer > Child Safety and Junior Membership, the page consists of a welcome video message from CEO Steven Griffin and links to contact points and the parent/guardian consent form.

We encourage our members to familiarise themselves with this information, and also invite any interested parents/guardians, potential and current junior members to view the page.

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