Skills to get the job done – at work and the SES

Skills to get the job done – at work and the SES

“I’m good with my hands and was looking for somewhere to fit in,” David said. “Helping the community was an added bonus.” He drove past an SES promotion sign, took down the number and signed up.

David’s new boss had concerns about taking on an SES volunteer. But David’s commitment to everything he does reassured him. “My SES is after hours, but if there does come a time when I’m needed, I’m sure we can do a work around,” David said. Plus the nationally recognised training and skills he receives from the SES helped at work and everyday life.

“I’m always up to date on my first aid and it’s great to bring into the workplace as well,” David says. “I’m a lot more confident on the job.”

The Dynamic Risk Assessment method is also something he uses in his everyday life. This is a process that helps people evaluate a situation for risks and then the actions they need to take – it’s a great problem solving tool.

“With everything we do here at the SES, I feel like a real part of a team that makes a difference.”

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