Warning about scam calls for donations

Warning about scam calls for donations

We’ve had reports people are receiving cold calls for donations to Victoria State Emergency Service. Be aware that Victoria SES do not seek donations over the phone.

Victoria State Emergency Service alert residents in Victoria of scam phone calls and door-knockers seeking donations for Victoria SES. To verify genuine Victoria SES volunteers who are requesting donation check that they are:

  • wearing a full Victoria SES uniform, and
  • carry photo identification, that identifies them as volunteers from a particular unit. 

Calls from companies seeking advertising for magazines and publications should ask for written verification from the caller before progressing with any arrangements.

Our volunteer units may run authorised tinshakes at designated intersections, but we do not seek donations over the phone.

We appreciate your support for our volunteers. If you wish to donate to your local Victoria SES unit please contact them directly, or for further information go to the Victoria SES website and call your regional office: www.ses.vic.gov.au/about/contact.


Look out for our official SES volunteers in full uniform:

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