MID WEST: Donations vital for VICSES Nhill support their community

MID WEST: Donations vital for VICSES Nhill support their community

22/02/2022, 10:41 AM

Volunteers from the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) Nhill Unit, are thanking local communities members after receiving a generous donation on behalf of the Nhill Lowana Cottage Craft.

For more than 20 years, volunteers from the Nhill Cottage Craft organisation have been selling cakes, slices and a wide variety of hand craft items to help support their local VICSES Unit volunteers for their tireless dedication and support, raising over $5,000 this year alone.

These donations are greatly appreciated and vital to the successful operation of VICSES Nhill Unit, with donations used to purchase vital emergency equipment required to support the operational response within the Nhill community.

In the last twelve months alone, volunteers from the VICSES Nhill Unit volunteers have responded to 23 emergency calls for assistance, ranging from storm and flood events; road rescue support; land search, and assisting other emergency service organisations such as the Victoria Police; Ambulance Victoria; and Country Fire Authority during recent fire events.

Our VICSES Nhill Unit are often on the lookout for new members, and are appealing to the community to join the service if you’re interested in a volunteer career with VICSES.

Volunteering for VICSES can also often lead to further job opportunities across the emergency management sector.

Anyone interested in learning more visit our website ses.vic.gov.au/join-us or call 1300 842 737 or email midwest@ses.vic.gov.au

Quotes attributable to VICSES Mid West Regional Manager, Jackson Bell:

“Our VICSES volunteers are committed to protecting and helping our community to get back on their feet. Our volunteers are highly skilled to help save lives and this equipment will help them greatly.

“We’re proud of the work they do and are grateful for the support from the Lowana Cottage Craft volunteers to allow our volunteers to continue to do so.”

“We’re recruiting for a range of roles, including operational activities, such as land search, flood and storm response, and road crash rescue, as well as for administrative and community engagement”

“This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and to give back to your community.”

“Volunteers support their people in their time of need, and are invaluable to their communities.”