Volunteer Crew Member

VICSES volunteers need to be able to safely approach an emergency situation and use a range of equipment and rescue techniques. A Crew Member is the first role our volunteers undertake following their induction. Participating in emergency response operations resulting from storms and other severe weather events is done through a combination of training and on the job experience, working in a team of people.

Key tasks

  • Contribute before, during and after an emergency.
  • Support safe work practices and safety at an emergency.  

A reasonable level of fitness is required for this role, without any medical conditions that may prevent physical activity. This includes the ability to climb a ladder, work in extreme weather conditions and lift sandbags.

Units requiring this role

All units require this role.

What you will love about this role

  • Being part of a team that works together to complete a task.
  • Being one of the first on scene during a severe weather event.
  • The rewarding feeling of assisting your community in their time of need.
  • Helping your community to prepare for a severe weather event and reduce the consequences. 

For more information about becoming a volunteer, exploring a wide range of opportunities available to you in developing new skills, forming new friendships, accepting high levels of responsibility and enjoying the team spirit of VICSES: